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Kwang Hwa Industry Sdn Bhd was established in 1993 by as a cottage industry to manufcture drawstring and twill tape. Since day one, due to the company's commitment to high quality products and giving top priority to ensure customers’ satisfaction in timely delivery, consistency in high quality output, flexibility and other good services, the business has been growing by leaps and bounds and in January 2006, the company has moved to a much bigger factory to accommodate our expansion with state of the art equipment and machinery such as co power auto color dispense to cope with the business demand. We are not housed under a built-up manufacturing floor of over 50,000 square feet, with land area of more than 100,000 square feet. With the address known as No.24 Jalan Perindustrian 1, Kawasan Perindustrian Bulit Bakri, 84200 Muar Johor Malaysia.
In line with the expansion, the company has also recruited many high skilled technicians from abroad and with the installation of the Co power Auto Color Dispense machine in the Research & Development (R&D) Department, Kwang Haw is now able to expedite the customer’s’ demand on sample with minimal time requirement. Kwang Hwa has also put a lot of emphasizing meeting customers’ needs in sample demand with shortest time needed with the setting up of a laboratory in the R&D department Today, the company has the capabilities and capacities to manufacture the following products-
Products Monthly Capacity
Twill & Rounded Tape 2,750,000
Grosgrain Tape Ribbon 2,000,000
Raschel Tape 300,000
Drawstring 2,00,000
Flastcord 1000,00
Nylon Shoulder Tape 1,000,00
Bunjicord 500000
Lace 1,000,000

List of Products
1. Twill & Rounded Tape
2. Grosgrain Tape / Ribbon
3. Rashel Tape
4. Drawstring
5. Flatcord
6. Nylon Shoulder Tape
7. Bunjicord
Piece Dye
High Speed Auto Needle Loom
Semi Auto Warping
High Speed Rotary Traverse Winder
Cold Knitting
Double Needle Bed Rashael
Lace Braiding
High Speed Tae Braiding
Co Power Auto Color Dispense
Automatic Numerical Winder
Semi-Auto Shoelace Tipping
Cone Drying Chamber
Needle Braiding
Industrial Dryer
With the above machinery, currently, we are able to prepare samples and color dips in 1 week. Our bulk production lead time is from 2 week to 4 week , with a minimum quantity per color of 3,000 yards.